One of Maui's Many Adventures


"Hana - Further from anywhere than any other place in the world"
           (James Michener - "Hawaii")

One of Hawaii's most famous drives, the road to Hana reveals the stunning beauty that has earned Maui the nickname of the "Valley Isle." While most beautiful Hawaii drives are merely an added bonus to what awaits at the intended destination, in this case the road to Hana is itself the destination.


Leaving Kahului, the Hana Highway bends toward the coastline and becomes an oceanfront drive soon after the sailboarding mecca of Paia. Beyond Hookipa Beach, a sailboarder's dream-come-true, the road begins to wind as the coastline becomes furrowed by deep valleys and steep sea cliffs.

South Coast

For roughly 50 miles, the highway twists and turns in and out of valleys, traverses 54 bridges (most of them one lane wide), and passes through lush forests. The entire way, the road is lined with dozens of waterfalls, fragrant ginger blossoms (in season) and scenic pull-offs.


Once in Hana, stop by the Hasegawa General Store for refreshments and directions to the Seven Sacred Pools at Kipahulu. Swim at Hamoa Beach or the Red Sand Beach. Visit the Pools of Ohe'o (formerly known as Seven Sacred Pools). Hike up to Waimoku Falls and stroll through the mystical Bamboo Forests.


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