Opening hours

10:00 – Open until last guest

Centrally placed near the golf course and our Green Fingers garden, this peaceful spot is a favourite with everyone who stops by for our refreshing signature cocktails and light meals.

Come and relax here after planting a tree, having a massage at the spa or playing golf. We’re always open and our menu is light, healthy and fresh. You’ll find us in the middle of the island near the spa.

Other bars

Beach Bar

- Light meals

Sun worshippers, water sports enthusiasts and deep-sea divers drift in and out of our welcoming and deeply-shaded Beach Bar all day. Create lifelong memories with friends, enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and connect with fellow underwater adventurers.

Pool Bar

- Light snacks

Quite the coolest pool bar on the island, this watery oasis is always ready to serve drinks. Simply swim by, find yourself a spot to sit and order, island-style…